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On 19th October 2023, ByrneLooby will rebrand to Ayesa

ByrneLooby will officially adopt the name of its parent company, Ayesa, a global engineering and technology services provider.

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Environment and Sustainability

Balancing project goals sustainably

Consulting For Large and Smaller Projects

Ayesa provides environmental expertise covering both terrestrial and marine/aquatic environments, geo-environmental and contaminated land services.  We provide design, management and construction support services to projects, from initial evaluation and risk assessment, impact assessment and mitigation to construction, management and monitoring. 

Over the past two decades, our staff have consulted on projects, both large and small in Ireland, the UK and the Middle East for various clients, including government bodies, statutory authorities, contractors, private developers and NGOs.

We can help you achieve outstanding project performance whilst complying with planning and environmental legislation, delivering sustainable outcomes.  We have provided environmental and sustainability services for significant infrastructure projects globally, including the Blanchardstown Regional Development Scheme in Ireland, Al Sahel, a “megaproject” in Bahrain, and the renewable energy plant at Cheddleton in the UK. 

Our experience spans a diverse range of sectors including maritime, marine reclamation and dredging, civil infrastructure, wastewater treatment, industrial, manufacturing, oil and gas, flood relief schemes, land remediation and waste management.

Our teams provide expert advice, analysis and research:

  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Supporting structural/civil developments and planning (marine and land)
  • Monitoring and auditing
  • Habitat enhancement management and compensation
  • Ecological & biodiversity studies
  • Air quality, noise, odour, emissions assessments
  • Sustainability appraisals and reporting: SEA, BREAM, LEED, CEEQUAL
  • Construction environmental management
  • Modelling, monitoring programmes and due diligence

Ayesa has particular experience and expertise in the waste sector and marine and coastal/aquatic environment.

Our specialist land remediation and waste management experts have a strong track record delivering environmental planning solutions for clients including:

  • Contaminated soil assessment and remediation
  • Evaluation and treatment of hazardous wastes
  • Engineered containment landfills
  • Dumpsite remediation
  • Hydrogeological studies and wetland treatment system design

Our specialist marine and coastal team deliver a wide range of services including:

  • Marine ecology surveys (DDV, dive surveys)
  • Water and sediment quality
  • Marine mammal risk assessment
  • Habitat mapping and mitigation
  • Hydrodynamic modelling

We bridge the gap across all stakeholders, including clients, government authorities and the local community, managing and initiating stakeholder engagement and ensuring alignment across the project lifecycle.  At Ayesa, our 250 experts consult across many disciplines including; engineering, planning, environmental science, sustainability, waste management, ecology, geology, hydrogeology, air quality and noise.

Expertise In-Depth:


• Carbon footprint and energy auditing
• Construction compliance auditing
• Corporate environmental management systems, auditing and CSR
• Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA)
• Education and training programmes
• Green buildings and infrastructure
• Stakeholder management & communications
• Strategic environmental assessment
• Sustainability appraisals including CEEQUAL / LEED/ BREAM

• Appropriate Assessment (AA)
• Climate resilience and preparedness
• Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
• Environmental assessment
• Environmental due diligence
• Environmental Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA)
• Environmental Evaluation Report (EER)
• Environmental feasibility studies
• Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR)
• Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
• Environmental planning
• Environmental scoping report
• Expert witness
• Feasibility studies and planning applications for the redevelopment of closed sites
• Geomorphological, hydro-morphological studies
• GIS and mapping services
• Health and social impact assessments
• Instruction, management and publishing of surveyors data into clear, concise drawings
• Landscape and visual impact assessments
• Licensing and permitting
• Listed building and conservation area consents
• Master planning
• Materials and waste management plans (WMP)
• Natura Impact Statement (NIS)
• Oil Spill Contingency Plan (OSCP)
• Permitting and licensing of waste facilities
• Public consultation and conflict resolution
• Public inquiry
• Site inspections, surveying, monitoring and reporting
• Site planning and development potential review
• Stakeholder management - public inquiry and social hearing
• Statutory planning advice
• Strategic and urban development planning and policy assessment
• Strategic environmental assessment
• Sustainability assessment
• Sustainable design
• Town centre strategy planning
• Transport planning and assessment
• Visual traffic and access studies of your organization

• Advection and dispersion modelling
• Analysis and assessment of effluent discharges, water quality
• Beach stability and coastal evaluation
• Data logging and long-term monitoring
• Ecological baseline surveys and monitoring
• Flood risk assessments and modelling
• Flushing assessments and modelling - marine, coastal, river, oceans
• Hazard mapping
• Hydrodynamic modelling and assessments - surface water, river, marine, coastal
• Hydrological studies & assessment
• Marine and surface water, ground water sampling and monitoring
• Marine ecological surveys, assessments and monitoring
• Modelling - noise, air, odor dispersion
• Siltation assessments
• Topographical and bathymetric survey and management

• Appropriate Assessment (AA)
• Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP)
• Coral and seagrass monitoring, plankton ecology monitoring, macrobenthic in-fauna monitoring.
• Development of mitigation and compensation measures
• Dolphin, dugong, whale and turtle monitoring, intertidal fauna and sand morphology,
• Doppler profiling
• Drop Down Videoing (DDV) assessment
• Ecological auditing and due diligence
• Environmental feasibility study
• Habitat surveys
• Habitats Regulation Assessment (HRA)
• Marine and seabed communities sampling
• Marine ecological impact studies assessment
• Marine ecology baseline report
• Marine habitat mapping
• Measures and plans to protect SAC (Special Areas of Conservation), or national heritage areas
• Scuba diving surveying and transects
• Shoreline composition surveys and sediment analysis
• Surveys & monitoring: habitat, botanical, aquatic freshwater flora, winter water bird, terrestrial bird, benthic macroinvertebrate, analysis of shellfish data
• Terrestrial ecological impacts studies assessment

• Asset optimisation
• Biodiversity services
• Carbon accounting
• Climate risk screening: climate resilience and preparedness
• Equalitres impact assessment
• Flood risk management strategies
• Human health impact assessment
• Hydrodynamic modelling
• Project management
• Stakeholder engagement and consultation
• Sustainable design
• Vulnerability and risk assessments

- Buildings surveys
- Bioaerosol risk assessments
- Construction and Site Environmental Management Plan (CEMP)
- Oil Spill Contingency Plan (OSCP)
- Site inspections, surveying, monitoring and reporting
- Corporate environmental policy and management systems
- Emergency response plan - pollution and critical incidents
- Energy audit and consultancy
- Environmental due diligence
- Environmental risk assessment/audit
- Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and mapping
- Geomorphological, hydro-morphological studies
- Geological, hydrogeological and hydrological studies and risk assessments
- Groundwater contamination risk assessments
- Health and safety
- Health and social impact assessments
- Phase I (Environmental Site Assessment – ESA)
- Phase II investigations (sampling and monitoring)
- Phase III (Remediation plans)
- Risk assessment of leachate and landfill gas control systems
- Risk-based applications for site closure, permit surrender, transfer, variation, multi-facility permit consolidation and new permits.
- Technical due diligence
- Landfill gas risk assessments and carbon dioxide ICoP-based compliance limit reviews
- Waste stability and settlement risk assessments

• Archaeological and architectural heritage studies
• Condition surveys
• Expert witness service
• Forensic engineering
• Heritage consultation
• Impact assessments
• Investigations and diagnoses
• Listed building consent
• Sympathetic strengthening and repairs

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