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On 19th October 2023, ByrneLooby will rebrand to Ayesa

ByrneLooby will officially adopt the name of its parent company, Ayesa, a global engineering and technology services provider.

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Marine & Coastal

Maritime Planning, Assessment and Marine Engineering Consulting services

Multidisciplinary Maritime Engineering Services across the Entire Project Lifecycle

Our marine engineering consulting services team, comprised of the industry’s most talented marine engineering practitioners, can help provide intelligent and innovative thinking to marine facilities, whatever their size or scale.

Ayesa specialises in comprehensive marine engineering services for the expansion and development of ports and harbours across a wide spectrum of infrastructure including general cargo ports, fishing ports, dry and liquid bulk cargo terminals, cruise terminals, marinas as well as Ro-Ro and ferry ports. We help clients meet challenges such as climate change, aging infrastructure, changing regulations, and embracing new market opportunities. Where necessary, our global port consultants supplement marine engineering designs, integrating them with the adjacent intermodal connections, logistics management, landside infrastructure, and our client’s sustainability and resilience goals. 

Navigating growth in the maritime industry poses various challenges for port operators around a range of issues: 

  1. Navigating Regulatory Constraints: Addressing the intricate web of regulatory requirements to ensure seamless compliance and operational efficiency.

  2. Enhancing Berth and Channel Access Depth: Adapting to the demands of larger ships by optimizing berth and channel access depth for efficient and secure maritime operations.

  3. Streamlining Navigation for River Ports: Overcoming navigational constraints for river ports to facilitate smooth and safe passage for vessels. This also includes tackling dredging issues specific to river ports to maintain optimal water depths for vessels to navigate effectively.

  4. Managing Lateral Spread of Port Infrastructure: Strategising port infrastructure development to mitigate the lateral impact on neighboring seafronts and ensure sustainable expansion.

  5. Harmonizing with Adjoining Cities: Balancing the growth of port facilities with the dynamic needs and constraints of adjoining cities, fostering collaboration for mutual benefit.

  6. Alleviating Strain on Local Transportation Networks: Proactively addressing challenges related to the overburdening of local road and rail networks, ensuring efficient connectivity and minimizing disruptions.

  7. The energy transition: Ports are crucial hubs for the offshore wind industry, supporting the assembly, installation, and maintenance of wind turbines. They serve as logistical centers for the transportation of wind turbine components, providing storage facilities and infrastructure for assembly. Additionally, ports play a pivotal role in vessel operations, accommodating specialized ships for turbine installation and maintenance activities in offshore wind farms.Ports are evolving into O&M hubs for both offshore and onshore wind facilities. To align with the energy transition, ports are adapting their infrastructure to accommodate the unique needs of the renewable energy sector.

Our client-centric approach aims to understand and address these challenges comprehensively, aligning our strategies with the specific needs of port operators to foster growth, compliance, and sustainable development.

Our marine engineering teams provide innovative value-driven solutions for:

  • Master planning
  • Design of ports and harbours
  • Design of waterside marinas, waterfronts, beaches, quays, parks and jetties
  • New developments and additions to terminals and facilities
  • Environmental assessments and monitoring
  • Feasibility studies
  • Coastal modelling and design
  • Planning and design of both soft and hard coastal protection structures
  • Dredging and reclamation projects
  • Flood and erosion protection schemes
  • Beach management programmes
  • Project management consulting, construction support and CQA Services

Our work on marine engineering projects such as Haulbowline in Ireland or Broughty Ferry in Scotland showcases our expertise in protecting coastlines against climate change.  In addition, we have provided marine engineering solutions, including design and consultancy for ports with diverse needs, including Dubai Port, Aqaba New Port, Dublin Port masterplan, Greenore and Lowestoft Port in the UK, delivering next-generation port infrastructure. 

Complex marine engineering projects require expertise in regulation and permitting, maritime and port operations, structural and geotechnical engineering, site investigations, marine ecology, dredging and reclamation, project management, contract administration and site supervision.  In addition, our clients can avail of our in-house expertise in various specialist areas, including modelling, flooding, ecology, marine biology, geotechnics, geomorphology, hydraulics, navigation, dredging & reclamation, and aquaculture. As a multi-disciplinary marine engineering services consultancy, we can combine marine engineering with broader transport and infrastructure specialisms to deliver a holistic design and delivery service.  With clients at the core of our marine engineering consultancy services offering, we aim to add value thinking beyond the brief to deliver lasting impacts to clients and projects.
Expertise In-Depth:


  • Breakwaters
  • Containers and cargo terminal
  • Dredging and fairway projects
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)
  • Feasibility and cost/benefit studies
  • Field investigations
  • Inspection and asset management
  • Jetties and piers
  • Landside infrastructure
  • Master planning
  • Navigational risk and channel design
  • Port design projects
  • Port extension projects
  • Port infrastructure planning
  • Port maintenance
  • Port planning
  • Port rehabilitation projects
  • Port terminal planning
  • Project management
  • Quays and berthing structures
  • Retaining walls
  • Risk assessments
  • Shoreline management
  • Slipways and RORO berths
  • Soil studies
  • Vessel mooring and motion studies
  • Artificial beaches
  • Breakwater & groynes
  • Dredging and reclamation
  • Edge protection structures
  • Floating pontoons
  • Flood protection
  • Outfalls and intakes
  • Physical modelling
  • Revetments
  • Scour assessment
  • Site investigations
  • Submarine pipelines and cables
  • Advection-dispersion modelling
  • Beach stability assessments
  • Concept design
  • Cyclonic & tsunami modelling
  • Cross-shore sediment transport modelling
  • Dispersion modelling
  • Erosion studies statistical analysis
  • Extreme water level assessments
  • Flood risk analysis
  • Hydraulic modelling
  • Hydrodynamic modelling
  • Oil spill modelling
  • Sediment modelling
  • Sedimentation/siltation assessments
  • Shoreline evolution studies
  • Spectral wave analyses
  • Water quality modelling
  • Wave load analyses
  • Wave penetration modelling
  • Berthing & pontoon arrangements
  • Breakwaters and wave attenuators
  • Feasibility and economic assessments
  • Global yachting consulting services
  • Inspection and asset management
  • Marina design and optimisation
  • Marina market analysis
  • Marina masterplans and concepts
  • Marine and environmental consents
  • Master planning
  • Navigation studies & AtoN
  • Promenades and walkways design
  • Quay wall & edge protections
  • Quay walls and piles
  • Slipways and boat hoists
  • Strategic definition and planning
  • Vendor and stakeholder engagement
  • Water edge safety

Maritime Development
⦁ Concept design
⦁ Construction supervision & support (employer’s representative, resident engineer, contractor)
⦁ Contaminated land management
⦁ Dredging and disposal licences (Including dumping at sea licenses)
⦁ Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
⦁ Environmental monitoring
⦁ Feasibility studies
⦁ Flood risk assessments
⦁ Foreshore leases, licensing and consents;
⦁ Marine licencing
⦁ Marine mammal risk assessment
⦁ Marine site investigation consenting
⦁ Numerical and physical modelling
⦁ Navigational risk assessments
⦁ Outfall licensing
⦁ Planning applications
⦁ Stakeholder engagement
⦁ Expert witness
⦁ Socio-Economic Impact Assessments (SIA)
⦁ Supervision of contracts and tender, procurement assistance


⦁ Alab appeals
⦁ Alternative technologies• Appropriate Assessment (AA) and Natura Impact Statement (NIS)
⦁ Aquaculture licensing
⦁ Cage farms
⦁ Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
⦁ Hydrological studies
⦁ Landing infrastructure design
⦁ Layout design and mapping
⦁ Navigational risk assessments
⦁ New, renewal and review applications
⦁ One-off site applications and large-scale developments
⦁ Oyster trestles, trestles and longlines
⦁ Project management
⦁ Sediment analysis and modelling
⦁ Sustainability and resilience
⦁ Water and soil quality analysis

⦁ Berth sizing and layout
⦁ Containers and cargo terminals
⦁ Cruise and ferry terminals
⦁ Drainage and utility services
⦁ Dredging and land reclamation
⦁ Environmental impact assessment
⦁ Equipment selection and layouts• Feasibility studies
⦁ Ground engineering
⦁ Import and export terminals
⦁ Inland waterways
⦁ Intermodal connections
⦁ Landside infrastructure
⦁ Liquid bulk terminals
⦁ Master planning
⦁ Material handling solutions
⦁ Navigation studies
⦁ Planning of onshore areas
⦁ Port logistics
⦁ Project management
⦁ Road and rail sidings and transfer facilities
⦁ Security and IT facilities
⦁ Scour protection
⦁ Ship-to-shore cranes, loaders and unloaders
⦁ Slipways and RORO berths
⦁ Soil investigation
⦁ Stacking and storage areas
⦁ Traffic forecasts
⦁ Urban waterfronts and marinas

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